Renovating a bathroom is very exciting, as nothing compares to that ‘new bathroom’ feel! However, beginning a bathroom renovation can actually be quite difficult. It’s important to consider several bathroom design ideas so you settle on the bathroom that speaks to you, your needs and aesthetic tastes. 

At Oakley Construction, we’ve compiled three great bathroom renovation ideas to inspire your next remodel, all taken from the latest design trends:

A Natural Spa Retreat

Popular bathroom styles at the minute revolve around a ‘natural spa retreat’ look. To achieve this, we suggest incorporating elements of nature into your bathroom – in particular, materials like wood, bamboo and stone for your flooring, vanities and accents. Hanging plants, ferns and organic shapes bolster this organic aesthetic. It’s also a good idea to invest in water-efficient fixtures like a rain showerhead to conserve water and recreate a spa experience. 

A Bold and Dramatic Statement

Your bathroom can be as bold and dramatic as you’d like! Homeowners love a moody, Art Deco aesthetic at the moment. We recommend incorporating rich navy blue tiles into your bathroom, alongside deep green and grey colours. You can contrast with bronze accents or other metallic installations to create depth and enhance the ambience of your space. Don’t forget to consider non-traditional light fixtures for your bold bathroom, either – why not install a chandelier? The only limit is your imagination.

A Tech-Savvy Haven

Embrace modernity by considering tech-savvy bathroom design ideas for your new renovation. A bathroom can be filled with tech to make your bathroom experience as fun and smooth as possible. Heated floors, temperature-controlled showers, LED lighting and integrated sound systems are all innovative ideas that can be fitted into your bathroom with ease. And, as countries like Japan do, installing high-tech toilets is also a great, super-functional idea! They have bidets, self-cleaning capabilities and even heated seats, too. 

To bring these bathroom design ideas into reality, look to a New Zealand contractor you can wholeheartedly trust – Oakley Construction. We have the expertise required to build beautiful bathrooms from scratch. Contact us for more information, today.