Is your kitchen looking a little outdated? Is the design of your kitchen proving to be very impractical? Or is your kitchen in a state of deterioration, with missing tiles, leaky taps, or worse? All of these factors could contribute to you wanting to get kitchen renovations on the North Shore!

A fully transformed kitchen that is highly functional and in line with your personal style will be a lot more inviting. You’ll definitely spend more evenings making meals than you do ordering takeout. Well, that’s at least the goal!

As kitchen specialists, we’ll use this article to look at five areas that you should focus on when it comes to your kitchen renovation!


You’ll be amazed at how changing up your lighting can completely transform your kitchen. The kitchen is also the ideal space to experiment with fun and artistic light fittings, dropped lighting, etc. Above, you want to ensure that you have enough lighting to see exactly what you are cooking!

Colour Scheme

When it comes to your kitchen, there are so many different colour schemes that you can go for. Think about the backsplash, flooring, wall paint, cupboards and fixtures. They should all work in cohesion, with no jarring or disorientating tones.

The Backsplash

Redoing your backsplash can make a big difference that does not cost the earth. It is also a great opportunity to experiment with different tile trends. Even if you grow tired of it in a few years’ time, it is easy enough to redo. 


Replacing the taps, sinks and other fixtures in your kitchen makes it feel so much more modern and adds to its practicality. Speaking of practicalities, you may also want to consider having more plug points installed for your various appliances.


Kitchen cupboards really do say a lot about your kitchen. Ensure you have enough storage space and decide if you want to go in a classic, cosy or modern direction.

If there are any areas of your kitchen that you do like, be sure to communicate this to your builders. They’ll be able to reuse these materials and perhaps bring down your costs. It’s okay if you don’t want to renovate every aspect.

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