We are all obliged to do our bit to protect the environment — but you might not have realised that you are even able to do this when buying a new home.

Many homes standing today date from periods when building processes were not followed with energy efficiency as a priority. Conversely, we at Oakley Construction integrate various green features — like those detailed below — when building new homes in North Shore and other Auckland areas.

Sustainable Materials 

Examples of those we use in homebuilding projects include sheep’s wool — which can be grown at short notice and serve as insulation — and cork, a moisture-resistant product useful as walls and flooring.

Meanwhile, some more familiar choices of building material — like wood, steel and plastic — can be recycled and repurposed.

Energy-Efficient Heating

This can essentially be attributed to three things: widespread insulation, gas combination boilers and air source heat pumps.

These features can all add up to make for a home more effective than the average at not only preventing heat from escaping but also replenishing lost heat in an environmentally clean manner.

Energy-Efficient Lighting 

We can design new homes in a way that would enable them to welcome appreciably large amounts of natural light into the building.

For those occasions when the sun can’t take up the slack, we will also add light fixtures — like LEDs — that, compared to traditional filament bulbs, consume energy much more efficiently.

Solar Panels 

These are now routinely installed as part of most new-build home developments, and for good reason: harnessing energy from the sun for your electricity needs can reduce the number of times you would have to dip into fossil-fuel sources instead.


This can be fostered through various means. As a new-build home takes shape, an adjoining garden can be created with the planting of trees and shrubs. The home itself can even feature ‘swift bricks’ to provide birds with attractive nesting spaces.

We have the skills to expertly assemble new homes in North Shore and further afield within the Auckland Region. Through ringing our team on 0800 006 055, you can learn more about how snaffling a new-build home from Oakley Construction would be able to ease your switch to an eco-friendlier lifestyle.