Kitchen renovations are so popular because kitchen styles often tend to go out of date quite quickly. And because it is often a heavily-used space, you may find that the finishes tend to get grubby over time.

As builders on the North Shore, Auckland, Oakley Construction has carried out many kitchen renovations over the years, and in our opinion, these are some of the things you should consider for your kitchen reno.


When renovating your kitchen, think about the space you need for storage and the space you need for cooking and ensure that it is incorporated adequately into the design.

Colour Scheme

Like any room in the house, the kitchen’s colour scheme is very important and should flow with the rest of your home too.

Resell Value

You may have a crazy, original idea for your kitchen renovation, but how would that affect the resell value? Is it possible you may deter potential buyers should you decide to sell?

Upgrading Appliances

When renovating your kitchen, you may also be tempted to upgrade all of your appliances too. But take a look at your appliances and see what is salvageable and what may work with your new scheme. The same goes for crockery, cutlery and decor.


Above all, you want your kitchen to be practical, especially if you plan on cooking in it a lot. Before you give the go-ahead on a design, really think about how you and your family use the kitchen and what will be most practical.


When it comes to the materials that will be used in your kitchen, there are three main components, including:

  • The wood for kitchen cupboards
  • The flooring
  • The material used in the flooring

Then there are other more minor materials such as handles, tiles for backsplashes, etc. You want to ensure that all the materials you choose are durable and long-lasting and they all work in cohesion.


Kitchen renovations can be costly, so before you start picking out the very best materials and trendiest appliances, you may want to set yourself a budget and try to stick to it. If money is not an issue, then definitely go all out! It will be worth it!

Are you looking for builders on the North Shore, Auckland, that can successfully carry out your kitchen renovation to your exact specifications? Get in touch with the professional team here at Oakley Construction today!