If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, you have come to the right place. With Oakley Construction’s bathroom renovations in North Shore, we can help create the perfect bathroom that meets your requirements. Choosing between a bath, shower, or even both, can be challenging, but in this blog, we will explore how you can choose the right option for you.


Your budget will play a vital role in whether you choose a bath, shower, or both. In particular, while the initial cost might vary, showers are typically more expensive than a bath in the long run. This is because filling your bath with water is typically more economical than having your shower run for more than 10 minutes. However, if you plan on taking short showers, then a shower is often the best option.

Your Needs

Baths promise a relaxing and easy retreat, allowing you to lie back and unwind. Not only are they a great source of relaxation, they also add a sense of style and sophistication to your bathroom. Meanwhile, showers are perfect for energising yourself, allowing a quick and easy way for you to take care of your hygiene. Showers can also be designed stylishly! Having both a shower and a bath might not be worth it if you are only planning to use one or the other.

Environmental Factors

If you are an eco-conscious individual, you might be interested in the water consumption of a bath, shower, or both. Obviously having both a shower and bath can lead to high water consumption, so this is something to consider if you are thinking about your impact on the environment. In the meantime, a shower can sometimes consume less water (when taking short showers) than a bath, but showers can still pump a lot of water in a single session.

At Oakley Construction, we provide quality bathroom renovations in North Shore, modernising your bathroom to suit your specific style and needs. No matter if you require a bath, shower, or both, you can rely on the team at Oakley Construction to help design and build the bathroom of your dreams. Get in touch with us today to begin discussing your bathroom renovation project.