If you are keen on preparing some chef-worthy dishes, make sure you have the right kind of kitchen for it.

Having undertaken kitchen renovations in North Shore and other parts of Auckland, we know that many kitchens can feel like they were built more for aesthetic appeal than functionality. Here is how you would be able to rejig a kitchen to make it more chef-friendly…

Consider How to Lay Out the Kitchen

You want a kitchen where you can quickly get hold of what you need when you need it. It would work well for you to place an island at the centre of the room while keeping a wide array of appliances at eye level.

Choose Sensible Materials for Countertops

Since you can’t be certain exactly how you might prepare food on those countertops, you should source them in materials that won’t easily incur scratches or stains.

Stainless steel would be a good choice of material here, as would manmade composite stones such as quartz or sintered stone.

Install a Metal Backsplash

One reason why we recommend stainless steel is that it is highly hygienic. This benefit is carried over when this is used for a backsplash, which would also be hardwearing.

Meanwhile, the high level of heat resistance built into a metal backsplash enables it to withstand damage that could otherwise be inflicted by hot food or liquid making contact with the surface.

Layer the Room with Lighting

There are three particular types of lighting you could consider here: ambient, task and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is ideal for striking a particular ambience/mood, while task lighting should be reserved for specific working spaces. While accent lighting is great for adding a decorative flourish.

Go for Wooden Flooring

Naturally, you want a kitchen that looks flawless, not — ahem — floor-less. However, as tile and stone floors can be uncomfortable to walk on, you might want to opt for wooden flooring — especially as you would be able to choose a type of wood in line with the overall style you seek for the kitchen.

We could take on any of the above renovation work for you, with our in-depth experience of carrying out kitchen renovations in North Shore and other Auckland areas. To discuss your ideas with us, please call 0800 006 055 or email [email protected].