Should you renovate or build new? This is a question that home buyers often struggle with, especially if they are unsure of which would be best for them. Don’t worry, here at Oakley Construction, we have made this blog to help you identify which is right for you.

So, what are the pros and cons of renovation vs new construction?


A rebuild doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to demolish and build your home from scratch. In most cases, a full house renovation might be conducted, completely altering the look and feel of your existing home without having to tear it down.

Pros of this option include:

  • Less expensive – compared to building new, rebuilding can be more affordable depending on the scope of the project
  • Efficient – while renovations can take time, in comparison to building a completely new house, this method tends to be faster

However, a disadvantage to consider is:

  • Limited upgrades – unless you demolish your house and build it again, you are limited in what you can revamp/renovate in an existing home

New Builds

In the meantime, new builds are newly constructed homes that are built to your specifications. You will need a suitable plot of land to build your new home.

A benefit of choosing this option is:

  • Fully customised home – you can design and customise your home exactly how you want it, with little to no restrictions on its design and layout

Drawbacks to this method include:

  • Time consuming – construction can be time consuming
  • Costly – building a new home is a large investment with costs of materials and labour factored in

Which Is Right For You?

The right option for you depends on your preferences and needs.

Remodelling is ideal for: homeowners who enjoy their existing house and simply want upgrades.

Building new is ideal for: individuals who want a completely bespoke home and are willing to invest time and money into the project.

At Oakley Construction, we provide a wide range of construction services for both commercial and residential properties across Auckland, including both renovations and new builds. No matter if you can’t decide whether to remodel or build new, rest assured that Oakley Construction and our expert builders can assist with both. We are just a phone call away – get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.