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The bathroom and Kitchen are areas that speak volumes about your class and taste. Oakley Constructions offer customized Bathroom renovations in Auckland and kitchen remodeling services. Our innovative solutions for bathroom and kitchen incorporate essential elements including ventilation, storage space and lighting. Most importantly, if you are renovating your home in part, we design your kitchen and bathroom in a way that matches with the interiors of the rest of the house.

Furnished Kitchen
Bathrooms Renovation Auckland

Bathroom Renovations Auckland- Stylish, Functional and Optimal space utility

Our out of the box kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovation ideas are trendsetting, ensure functionally and optimal space utilization. Right from consultation to designing and finally installation, we create beautiful bathrooms and ensuites with impeccable finesse. Our practical designs with well- planned ventilation ensure that you don’t have to fight moisture and dampness issues during winter. Every element is carefully planned and precisely executed to ensure you have a stress free renovating experience.

Experienced Bathroom renovations Auckland

With over 25 years of experience as leading construction company, our renovations go beyond beautification. Using the best quality materials, functional designs and precise workmanship, our renovated spaces will serve you for a long, long time to come.

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Kitchen Renovations in North Shore

At Oakley Construction, we have completed a wide range of kitchen renovations in North Shore over the years. When you hire us, we’ll bring our extensive knowledge and expertise to your project.

This starts with helping in the design stages to ensure you get the perfect kitchen for your home. We’ll consider things like the shape and size of the space, access to natural light, the storage space that you will need, the appliances you want, and how you want the kitchen to look. We’ll also consider your budget and the level of finish you want to achieve.

When you have decided on the kitchen, we’ll complete all the construction work. Our team is skilled and experienced, and they take pride in delivering the highest standards of workmanship for our customers.

Bathroom Renovations in North Shore

We also specialise in bathroom renovations in North Shore, delivering the same high standards of workmanship and professionalism on all the projects that we work on. We can also help with whatever finish, style, or features you want in your bathroom.

Whenever we are helping in the planning stage (as well as during the construction work), we will make sure you get the best possible finish. We’ll also take great care to ensure your bathroom and house are protected from moisture with the installation of ventilation, and by ensuring your new bathroom is built according to best practice standards.

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We work on kitchen and bathroom renovations across North Shore, so get in touch with us to discuss what you want to achieve. We can also provide you with a free, no-obligation quote, so contact us today.

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