Gib Fixing Auckland, Plastering & Painting

.We are your all in one contractor for gib fixing Auckland , plastering and painting services. In the grand scheme of a house, these jobs may seem minor but they quite literally act as the icing on the cake and it’s important they’re carried out with precision.

Whether you have small or large cracks, faded paint job, or simply unsatisfied with the current results, we can restore or redo it to a high standard that is resistant and lasting. Besides, we are experienced in building homes across Auckland from the ground up. We know that every minor detail matters.

Our services are not always all about the functionality and practicality. The design is just as important to give your home a unique look. Together, we collaborate with our clients in the designing process – modern, contemporary, vintage, classic, or standard design, we do it all.

gib fixing Auckland

Gib Fixing Auckland 

– Wallpapper Installation & Removal

– Repair & Restoration

– Skim Coating

Plastering Service

– Plasterboard & Villaboard Installation

– Standard & Fibrous Plastering

– Repair & Restoration

Painting Service Nz

– Interior & Exterior

– Walls & Ceillings

– Weather & Moisture Resistant

Cracks in your gib board wall or ceiling are the last thing you ever want to see. After 25 years in the game, we know how to avoid all potential disasters and can make sure this trio of services is completed with the most minimal disruption to your day-to-day life.

If you’re thinking of doing a renovation, extension, or planning to build your new home, you’re most likely going to need gib, plastering and painting job done. With Oakley Construction, we can take care of all your building needs. So get in touch with us for full planning and design solution.


We are your one stop solution for all your Gib Fixing, Plastering and Painting Services Auckland!

Oakley Constructions is a licensed building contractor with 25 years of building residential and commercial buildings from the ground up. We understand that gib fixing, plastering and painting jobs may seem insignificant, but are an important factor when deciding your home value. So, whether you want to bring your property to top notch condition before you put it up for sale or simply want to fix up flaws in your home, you need an experienced contractor that pays attention to detail.

gib fixing Auckland

High quality gib fixing, plastering and painting services Auckland 

At Oakley Construction, no job is too small for us. So, whether you need to get the painting job done or want to fix minor or major cracks or simply need reworking done, we are your best bet. Our services go beyond filling up the cracks to beautify your home with flawless plastering and painting. Our expertise in creating all kinds of designs be it vintage, modern or unique is matchless. Our services encompass installation and removal of wallpapers, skim coating, filling up cracks, plasterboard and villaboard installation, regular plastering, treating walls for weather and moisture, interior and exterior painting and more…

We believe in perfection!

If you want impeccable work at the most competitive prices, we are your tradies.

Feel free to talk to us on 64 210 764 818 or shoot us an email at [email protected] and let’s take this further! 

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