Whether you are only just about to start working from home for the first time or have been in the habit for a while, you should make sure you have a work-from-home (WFH) space conducive to consistently high, unhindered productivity. There are various steps that would be worth taking…

Give Yourself Enough Space 

It should be customarily quiet and free of distractions. Though you might be able to carve a suitable workspace out of an existing room like a living room or bedroom, it is generally advised to reserve at least 70 square feet of space for WFH purposes.

If you struggle to meet that threshold, consider opting for the kind of extension that can be assembled by Oakley Construction residential builders in North Shore and elsewhere in New Zealand’s Auckland area.

Decide What Technology You Need 

Though exactly what tech you do need will depend on exactly what your work involves, it would bode well for you to invest in wireless bits and pieces — like a mouse and keyword — so that you are less likely to end up with tangled cords. Meanwhile, a large screen or monitor can guard against eyestrain.

Invest in Office Furniture

Before doing so, measure dimensions of your home office to assist yourself in ascertaining how large a desk you should opt for and source a chair you would be able to fit under it.

Make Clever Use of Light 

If you can, position the office furniture in such a way that natural light extensively illuminates the workstation without causing glare on the computer screen.

Sunlight pouring through a window of the room can suitably energise you. If you still often squint when trying to work from home in Auckland, you could have electric lighting fixtures installed by residential builders in North Shore or wherever else in NZ’s Auckland area you live.

In sending residential builders to North Shore and other Auckland suburbs, we can ensure that homes in these areas are renovated or extended (to the front, side or rear of the home) to help WFH spaces flourish. Call us or Email an enquiry to Oakley Construction via [email protected].