Whether you are building from scratch or renovating your existing home, you will need builders expertise in the North Shore. Finding the right construction company for the task is the first step.

Read on to find out what you should be looking for when selecting your building partner in this exciting venture.

Proven Track Record Of Excellence

Seek out a company with plenty of experience and expertise that can show examples of their recently completed projects. References from other clients are also helpful.

They will need to demonstrate their ability to get the job done well, on time and within budget.

Communication And Collaboration

A project of this nature requires clear communication channels so that all involved are on the same page. To transform ideas into projects and watch them come to life requires input from both sides. Your builders will need to translate your dreams into a reality and concisely communicate information such as costings, timelines and other advice.

Select a company with your best interests at heart and who are willing to work together with you to obtain a successful outcome. These open lines of communication will enable everyone to work together, be flexible and quickly resolve any issues that crop up along the way.

Full Range Of Services

Select a construction company that offers a full range of services and can handle the operation right from digging the foundations all the way through to handing over the finished project. This will reduce the need for you to find artisans to complete the different aspects of the work. Having all the services “in-house” means they can function effectively as a team, completing the various elements along an agreed-upon timeline.

Building Code Experts

Ensure that your selected builders in North Shore are knowledgeable and compliant on all aspects of the Building code. Adherence with the code ensures that all building work meets the necessary health, safety and durability standards.

There may be a need to deal with local councils and other authorities, so dealing with a company that can help you navigate this territory is extremely helpful.

For North Shore builders that can do all of this and more, contact Oakley Construction today.  We have been in the construction industry for more than 25 years, completing residential and commercial projects from the ground up.